Back of My Mind

by Ami Heller

Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros • Fire & Water

370 days ago. In the heart of this autumnal city of ours. A band of innumerable members struck live. It was an event. Chaos. Joy. Excitement. A fluttering sensation of unrelinquished love for music and life. The set list included all the glorious tracks that form their near-perfect debut album, Up From Below. And then a song unknown. Jade. Solo. Captured my heart.  She did not seem ok. I was not ok. The need to unearth the hidden gem was overpowering. Then it slipped into the back of my mind. Fast forward 370 days later. A year gone by. Older. Not necessarily wiser. To this playing.  And all’s right with the world. Now I’m ok. Or better. It seems.