by Ami Heller

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Sharon Van Etten • One Day

 Sharon Van Etten sold me an American Apparel t-shirt back in April. At the Horseshoe Tavern. Unassuming, appreciative and down-to-earth, she played make-believe retail salesperson with us and rightfully complimented my gorgeous best friend’s beautiful face. In front of two dozen people in the crowd, her voice filled the legendary space and sent chills down our spines. We requested Love More and she complied. Unprepared. An acoustic version we might never have had the privilege to hear, had we not asked. As twenty-ten slowly comes to an end, it might just be a front-runner for best track of the year. Tonight, seven months to the day, we get to see SVE live again. Opening for Junip/José González. God. I don’t think I need much more than that.