Fit Like A Glove

by Ami Heller

Image found here

The Black Keys • These Days

In between moments of rush mid-July eve. Strolling the sticky streets of Toronto and a warm breeze in my face with this song playing for the very first time. Stop to light a cigarette. Keep walking. Seconds pass, and I steadily begin to realize the words. Encumbered lyrics so exact. They fit like a glove.  Someone else wrote it.  He speaks for me. A snapshot. Certainly a treasured moment. In case you wonder where I’m at. No need for twitter or facebook asking “What’s on your mind?”. These days I simply have a song.


Also, this blog just had its first anniversary. Or birthday. Anniversary, because it’s like a marriage of thought, song and image. Birthday, because this cyber space of mine came to life a year ago. Whichever way you look at it, this one year mark came and went and I give thanks to you. Who showed support, encouraged, gave kind words and most of all came back to visit, listen and read.