A List

by Ami Heller

Cat Stevens • Trouble

To find someone.
To exhaust all avenues.
To rebel.
To pretend.
To seek affection.
To declare war on life.
To hunt for attention.
To attend funerals.
To appreciate the glorious seagulls in the sky.
To reach out.
To get hurt.
To play the game.
To look straight into the camera.
To have my way with people, my species.
To enjoy knives.
To pray with life, not God.
To aim above morality.
To refuse the world’s judgment.
To liberate canaries.
To be unattached to things.
To make use of public property.
To throw a stamped coin in the water, so I’ll always know where it is.
To sip on organic champagne.
To orchestrate lovely farewells with paper sunflowers.
To stop believing in licenses.
To sing out.
To be free.
To waltz.
To drive like a maniac with my head out the window, wind in my face.
To play the banjo.
To go and love some more.
To notice a single daisy for what it is, so it won’t get lost in a sea.