The Future

by Ami Heller

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Caribou • The Dauphin

This song is like Alice in Wonderland, especially if you listen to it with earphones on. It’s like a journey in outer space. It’s like a slow dance without moving. It’s your mind thinking one thing and your heart feeling another. It’s chirping birds and flowing water and nature and sunset and beer and a cigarette. It’s underwater love. It’s not here. It’s what you hear when it’s twenty-two degrees and the clouds pour merciless rain on this grey city of ours. It’s talent and heights I might never achieve.  It’s a reminder to never say never. It’s whispers in the dark. It’s unattainable words. It’s clues and discoveries. It’s a magic flute. It’s subtle electronic joy. It’s the future. It’s Saturday. And it’s Caribou in all their glory.