Constellations Amidst the Stucco

by Ami Heller

A Post by Gabor Pertic

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Rachael Yamagata • Duet (with Ray Lamontagne)



‘Moments in the Dark’ and ‘Dark Moments’ are two different things. Moments in the dark are spent in the oddly shaped confines of a bedroom, blinds closed, in a world uninterrupted. Looking up at the ceiling, pretending to show you constellations amidst the stucco. Wishing the clocks would do that thing you see in movies where they run in reverse so that we have more time.
Dark moments come after. Sitting perched atop my speakers, smoking a cigarette outside my window, hating the routine that comes next. Lying down alone, never getting it quite right, not being able to win the fight. But, still, waiting for the next moment in the dark.