Ties Upon Ties

by Ami Heller

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Deer Tick • Still Crazy After All These Years

Next time you see me I’ll look different and think different and view you in a different light because I will have soaked up different air full of difference from what is here.
Endless streets and minds and blocks and neighborhoods where all you want to do is walk and walk and walk until you find the perfect cafe to stop at and sip on espresso and recall the sights of your day.
With or without you I’m there most probably without you because I’ve challenged myself to do the unthinkable in my eyes which is to be alone in a daunting and over-stimulating metropolitan might just be the best place on earth.
Yes to passersby and experiences and sights and sounds and newness and to anxiety and to overcoming it.
Orange light like a ray of sun warmth as I lie in the park under blue sky and hear the honking of irritable cabs and notice a tossed frisbee above and maybe finally finish reading the masterpiece that is the road.
Right is what it is has to be and will be and this is no secret it just is in my head and so it’ll be and think of me as an englishman only i’m not so canadian but not really either so from the home land a foreigner who will probably be asked for directions on day one.
Knots in my stomach ties upon ties but look up and fast forward and realize they come from excitement towards the unknown and from hearing this song alongside with the ideas in my head about a place unseen for seven years that will be revealed once again tomorrow.