Fragments of a Rainy Season

by Ami Heller

John Cale – (I Keep A) Close Watch

Tel-Aviv. Thursday. Rain Rain Rain. Abnormal gusts of wind.
But I’m indoors. CD shopping. Haven’t done that in years. In the age of online everything, who needs hard copies of things?
At a listening booth next to me, a seventeen year old is trying out numerous albums. Going back and forth, picking something different every time.
Cash out. He pulls out his Velcro wallet. And with his hard earned 100 NIS (Israel currency), he buys three CDs. I can’t help but notice that one of them is Five Leaves Left by Nick Drake.
I become envious all of a sudden. He is about to discover that amazing album for the first time.
Nick Drake came into my life in New York City, while exploring Manhattan for the very first time. An overdose of new experiences and stimulations.
I was that kid once. Going to record stores. Listening to anything and everything. With earphones that shut out sounds from the outside world and suck you into only what’s being played.
On one of the rainiest days of a rainy season, I end up purchasing Fragments of a Rainy Season. A classic that I never owned.
A used CD. Second hand price too. Upon arriving home, I see writing on the cover. It says “7.1.93 Dear Ayelet, When you hear the music, you’ll remember me. Love, Amir”.
So for some reason Ayelet sold this album. Maybe she didn’t want to hear the music. Maybe she didn’t want to remember Amir. Maybe the love was gone.
And now I have it.