The Session

by Ami Heller


Kate Bush – Cloudbusting

He sits down for his weekly session.
Late again.
She says that when patients are consistently late, they’re showing signs of reluctance to treatment.
He’s nervous for reasons that he can’t quite explain. Or doesn’t want to.
She sits across him, squints her eyes ever so slightly and crosses her legs.
They need to start talking.
“So, what do you have for me?” she asks him. Usually she calls it homework.
He thinks he has nothing. All he knows is that he feels awful, and can’t quite put in words.
“Why awful?” she asks.
All she does is ask questions.
For a moment he tries to look at this scenario objectively, from an outside perspective.
It’s such a cliché. Like a scripted scene from In Treatment.
A moment of silence. One of many awkward ones. All too familiar.
He finally musters the courage to speak freely.
“My father is being released from prison tomorrow.
And it’s raining a lot.”