When Heroes Fly

by Ami Heller


David Bazan – Curse Your Branches

Gideon was a childhood friend. There were five of us. Jonah died at war. Now we’re down to four. Or maybe three. Gideon joined a cult…
Growing up, he had everything he needed to succeed. Supporting parents, great academic achievements and wealth. But something happened in 1982 during those vicious strikes on Beirut. Trauma. Something that changed him forever. He got lost.
We reunited recently to see if we can save him. All grown up, sitting around the table, we tried to remember moments from our mutual past. I tried to forget some distinct memories that just won’t die.
On the plane to Illinois. We’re about to rescue our childhood friend. I think about how at my age I’m lost as well. No plan for life at all. I’ve always wanted to publish a novel.  So I keep writing. A flight attendant offers me a glass of water. And I realize that I’ve just finished another chapter of my yet-to-be-released book.

Inspired by When Heroes Fly by Amir Gutfreund.