The Consort

by Ami Heller


Rufus Wainwright – The Consort

He wakes up in the morning. She’s still fast asleep. He walks the dog, while the coffee brews. She’s dreaming of falling from the 33rd floor of a building. He starts frying eggs and squeezes fresh orange juice. The smell of cooking starts seeping into her dream. He cuts tomatoes, cucumbers, onions and peppers to make her favorite salad. She opens her eyes. He walks out to the garden and picks a single Gerbera. She rolls out of bed and walks to the washroom, passing by him without saying a word. He becomes tense. She goes back to bed and lights up a cigarette. He prepares the tray exactly as he planned it to look like in his head. She opens the blinds only to let a sliver of light in. He enters the room. She sees him, sheds a tear and looks away. He says “Happy Anniversary My Love”. She gives him a lifeless smile, takes one last drag and puts the cigarette out.
Another day begins.