The Final Scene

by Ami Heller


J. Tillman – Though I Have Wronged You

It’s the final scene of a film that has yet to be fully realized. A continuous shot of his face as he walks the busy streets of New York City. The camera slowly pans out to reveal the chaos around him and people with agendas walking in the background. He has been through a lot in the last 90 minutes. His facial expression says it all. Exhaustion mixed with relief. He is the antithesis of all that surrounds him right now. Slightly numb, but still burning a little inside.
When the strings in the background hit, the credits start rolling as we continue to follow him.
The camera gradually rotates to shoot him from the back. It stops. A stationary shot as he walks way ahead. He enters his apartment building. The door shuts behind him.
It fades to black.