by Ami Heller


Blitzen Trapper – Furr

Here’s a way to hide. Cover yourself in fur. Or whatever you can. So that no one sees the faults. So that no one finds your flaws. So that no one discovers who you really are.

But actually, you’d rather not. No need for layers upon layers. This is the heart. And it’ll open up eventually. Slowly but surely. You’ll just let it go.

Random encounters with random people make you realize that hiding behind walls is pointless and that who you are might be slightly interesting.

Someone asks you: “what moves you?” You hesitate. You’re caught off guard and you don’t know how to respond. But you do know. If you let go, you’ll give a great answer. And once you start, you’ll go on and on.

Eventually, fur will turn into skin. And then you just live.