by Ami Heller


Antony & Bryce Dessner – I Was Young When I Left Home

Friday afternoon in a foreign city that used to be my home. I go west. I start walking towards the beach. The Mediterranean Sea. It’s the most beautiful time of the week.

In this part of the world everything starts to wind down in the afternoon. The streets go quiet and people start welcoming the forthcoming Sabbath. It’s holy. But not in a religious way. It’s personal. It’s the winding down of body and soul.

Grains of salt still stuck in my pours. A cleansing shower. Read the newspaper as the smell of my mother’s homemade cooking slowly fills the air.  A family dinner. Sometimes we don’t talk. Or talk about nothing. But we’re together. And that’s all that really matters.

It’s where I’m from.

And I stop every now and then and realize.

I miss it.