Chilling Moment

by Ami Heller


Damien Rice – Cheers Darlin’


At 0:00 the night begins. A Parisian bar. Chatter in the background. The clinking of glassware. People smoking and drinking. A lonely man playing the clarinet in the corner.


At 0:34 he starts his monologue. He’s talking to her. She’s not there. He doesn’t care. He’ll wait. Reflecting over a few glasses of vino. Things seem slightly easier to handle. Or is it just making things worse? Everything is up in the air.


At 3:10 her ghost arrives to haunt him.


At 4:03 it all explodes. He gets swallowed in the sound. Everything was a build up towards this chilling moment.


At 5:01 it winds down with the eerie piano in the background. It trails off and fades away. He’s emotionally exhausted. But at least he got it all out. Sunrise. Good morning. Good night.