by Ami Heller


Miike Snow – Sans Soleil


Summer. Finally summer.

Leave the window open all day. Dust everywhere. But who cares.

Bike riding as the sun beams on your face. And then at 4am again. The streets are asleep. A light breeze. Goosebumps.  It’s all you. Only you. And this summer night.

All those months of hibernating and now this one ray of light. You can’t complain about the humidity. Remember -20 degrees with no wind chill?

Sun-kissed, I try to find a soundtrack to accompany all this.

The messenger arrives with a package. Signed, sealed, delivered from far away. Scandinavia. Sweden, to be specific. Stockholm, to specify even more.

I’ve always wanted to visit there.

But for now…


It’s a better summer with Miike Snow.