Me vs. You

by Ami Heller


Why? – Gemini (Birthday Song)


We fight. We break things. We yell at each other. Embarrassed that the neighbours might hear. Veins pop. Oh the anger. Me vs. you in love.

Let’s rewind. First date. Butterflies in my stomach. I think I really like you. Till death do us part? I can see a future here. Something is right. You’re the best.

But now. Can this be it? Sleeping on the couch. Ouch. I need a drink. To stifle the pain. Will you join me? Or just slap me silly with your words.

And the friends. Yours like me, mine love you. We should stay together for their sake. Idiocy. Let’s pretend. Just for a bit.

What about a trip together. India. Australia. Italy. Back to normalcy. Excitement. Discover something new together. Discover us again. We can work this out. Yes. We. Can.

Let’s grow old together.

Don’t regret the done dirt, there is no life plan set, you just swallow the cold and follow your breath until death.