by Ami Heller


Dan Rossen – Waterfall


In the middle of the night I wake up with the ringing still in my ears. But who cares? It was worth every discomfort I’m feeling right now. Chaotic noise, energy and an overdose of charisma all on one stage. Sitting on top of the bar and realizing that the music is overpowering the vocals. But that’s fine too. A friend says “they’re bold! And I appreciate that”. I couldn’t agree more. Bold. That’s what we need to be.

So, Zoobombs from Japan, if you need some noise in your life. And if you can see them live, all the better. Expect a mesmerizing performance.

But in the morning, if you need to recover, there’s no better remedy than a dose of Dan Rossen’s voice and harmonies. 

Then you can start your day.


Happy Canada Day, eh?