The Beginning of Something New

by Ami Heller


Jeff Buckley – We All Fall In Love Sometimes


This is the beginning of something new. The first post of my first ever blog. And there isn’t any artist I would want to start this with other than Jeff Buckley.

Jeff Buckley does Elton John? Yes!

The voice of an angel (or at least what I think an angel would sound like) meets the melody and lyrics of John and Taupin. Add the familiar acoustic guitar in the background, and the result can’t not pierce your heart.

In a week where the world lost an icon, a legend, it’s hard not to reflect on others that have left a legacy. And in this case, a legacy I didn’t even know existed (Jeff Buckley does Elton John? Yes!).

So I’m sitting here with a glass of rye & coke and smoking a cigarette. And there is no better soundtrack to my life than the present one.

When I have good music around me I can think. And so I am.


Each day one song.

Each day a thought.

About anything really.

Just a thought.

Music related.

Or not.

Trying to distil One Pure Thought.